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Dear Jill: Modeling ABCs...Heidi Klum, Tear Sheet magazineLauren Hutton, Tear Sheet magazineValeria Mazza, Tear Sheet magazineAdriana Lima, Tear Sheet magazinePatrick Demarchelier, Tear Sheet magazine

Want to be a model or work in the fashion biz? Check out my articles in Tear Sheet. Click on the magazine covers (or go to Modeling and Fashion & Beauty) to find interviews with top models, photographers, hairdressers, makeup artists, designers, stylists, and agents; plus tons of info on how to break into modeling, avoid pitfalls, and become more than just another pretty face. Don't miss the "Dear Jill" column for a dose of sound advice with a dash of comic relief. Submit your Dear Jill questions and get answers from someone who has lived the model life, loved it, and left it with nary an eating disorder, drug addiction, nude photo, loser boyfriend (well, a few close calls), bad debt, or fake body part! You too can have a super experience in the modeling world, no matter which rung of the model ladder you reach.