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Cancer Looks Good on You

When Barclay Fryery’s former editor, Jill Johnson, heard that he had two months to live, she booked a trip to Mississippi to say good-bye. She had followed his cancer journey on Facebook and decided to interview him on how he’d approached illness with such grace and style. When she got to his apartment, she hit record on her phone. Nine hours later, she left with the heart of a book. Barclay didn’t let her say good-bye; instead, the two embarked on a new journey. Facing the worst type of deadline, they worked via Facebook and phone, crafting the story of a man who chooses to seize the day, not count how many days he has left. From his youth as a tormented gay boy in the Deep South to his rise to the top of the design world, and from discovering a lump in his neck to planning his after-party, Barclay tackles life’s challenges with indomitable optimism and humor. Cancer Looks Good on You shares wisdom that will help you make over your house, your attitude, and your view of the end. This book is for everybody but is a must-read for anyone struggling with illness or yearning to know how to support someone who is. 

To learn more and order Cancer Looks Good on You: Barclay's Guide to Cultivating Style, Sanity, Silliness and Self-Love—in Sickness and in Health, visit: Cancerlooksgoodonyou.com