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Billy Elliot the Musical – Company Theatre

A Child Actor’s Dream Comes True

billy elliot dream ballet

“Dream Ballet” with Jamie Mann, by Zoe Bradford

Billy Elliot Dream Ballet

“Dream Ballet” with Ben Kuefler and Jamie Mann, Photo by Zoe Bradford


Angry Dance-Jamie Mann

Jamie Mann as Billy Elliot in “Angry Dance,” by Zoe Bradford



Billy Elliot boxing-Jamie Mann

“Boxing,” by Zoe Bradford

If you’ve followed my posts on my son Jamie, you know he’s dreamed of playing Billy Elliot since he was a little kid. Getting cast as Billy in Maltz Jupiter Theatre‘s Florida regional premiere of BETM was the high point of his young career! That run was last December. The hardest part was leaving with no photos or video to treasure, as it was a wonderful show (Actors Equity Union has strict rules on photographing and videotaping actors). Now Jamie is starring as Billy in Company Theatre’s BETM in Massachusetts. Company Theatre has obliged with tons of fantastic images and video footage to share and save for posterity. It’s an experience Jamie will never forget—and the visual record will be added insurance that these memories last forever.

Here is the first video teaser, which will give you a sense of the brilliant work Company Theatre does:

I have so much to write about the Billy Elliot experience. Stay tuned for more to find out what it’s like to prepare, rehearse, and star in a big regional show (and what is involved for the parent or guardian who goes along).