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Keeping Up With Heidi Klum

Heidi and I modeled together 17 years ago in New York. We landed at the same agency, Metropolitan, at the same time and booked a Brazilian catalog job together the week we met. For some reason only one of us is making 16 million a year now! I am keeping up with her in the kid count, though (hope she’s done). Read about the supermodel supermom here:“Heidi Klum’s Full House.”

For more on Heidi and me (OK, really me on Heidi): Heidi Klum: Bombshell + Nice Girl

I never did get a copy of that catalog, but here’s a snapshot of Heidi and me from a¬†Tear Sheet¬†party in the late 90s. She didn’t forget the little people from way back when.

This picture, dork and bombshell, answers that question about the 16 million bucks!