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Lemonade Stand Role Models

This summer Jamie and his buddies in our ‘hood proved they have big hearts and made CT news.

The kids decided to set up a lemonade stand. Ordinary enough. Then they decided that rather than take the profits to Toys-R-Us for a shopping spree, they would give the money—all of the money—to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (founded by Paul Newman for kids with serious illnesses that prevent them from going to regular camps). After four hot days, and a menu that expanded to include watermelon, banana bread, and water (either w/or without a fresh slice of lemon—their idea), a team of 3- to 10-year-olds raised over $500. They say they aren’t done yet, so I’ll keep you posted on the end-of-summer tally.

This Lemonade Stand Rocks









Read the story by Dan Woog of Ctnews.com here : This Lemonade Stand Rocks

(Note: I’d say pre-tweens not pre-teens! Plus, lots of kids not pictured helped out.)