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Model of the Month: Bryson Ligonde

Suave Model of the Month Bryson Ligonde!

Bryson Ligonde

Height: 41″ ¬† Weight: 38 lbs ¬† ¬†Age: 4 ¬† Size – 4/5T ¬† Shoe – 11.5 ¬† ¬†

Based in New York

Represented by Munchkin Stars Management

Photo by Carrie D’Landazuri, MSM

Bryson Ligonde-model Bryson Ligonde Bryson Ligonde-model

I mean, can you stand it? How cute is this munchkin? Not surprisingly, he has representation already. Read about Munchkins Stars Management‚ÄĒ I was intrigued when I read this company was developed from several generations of bigtime experience managing talent.¬†

Remember, your submissions are still eligible for next month so stay tuned! I already have another model in my inbox that I know will land on this page in the future. 

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