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Modeling Moment: The Truth About the Glamorous Model Life

Hurricane Sandy hit hard on Monday and our house (by the water) is still without power. I don’t mind living by candlelight—maybe because it brings back fond memories from a modeling stint in Hamburg. Here’s a snippet from my book about that wonderful, FRUGAL time:

After the eight-hour drive from Munich to Hamburg with two strangers who jabbered in German and ignored me (I found them through a service that elevated hitchhiking to a more organized level and required a contribution of gas money), I was thrilled to see my old roommate. Sophie gave me a huge hug and helped me lug my bags inside our Hamburg hovel. “I have a great deal. A friend of Jorg’s lives in one bedroom. We’re in the other, for 400 deutsche marks ($300)! Just one catch.” Sophie led me through the tiny kitchen—the only common room—to the bedroom. “No electricity.”

I laughed. If only people knew the truth about the model life. We lived by candlelight, with the requisite futon mattress on the floor floating in a sea of Sophie’s rumpled clothes, aside ash and candle wax archipelagos and under clouds of hand-washed clothes that hung from twine tied between the window and the doorknob. 

Just how you imagine models live?

As pleasing as candlelight can be, I’m really hoping I don’t have to hand wash clothes for six people in my family now. Crossing fingers for power and hoping everyone out there is safe and warm!

Tune in next week for the Tuesday Tip!

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy’s Aftermath, Tuesday morning, across the street from my house. (Only our garage flooded. Thankful to be so fortunate.)