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Modeling Tip: Chop Your Hair or Not?

I’m one of those lame people who have had the same haircut since high school, plus or minus bangs. I have an excuse, though, since my hairdresser warns me that the shorter my hair goes, the bigger it will get, and experience proves that to be true. We got adventurous and chopped it to shoulder-length a couple of years ago, and despite two hours of meticulous layering, most days I sported a voluminous triangle of frizz. During my modeling career, a consistent ‘do reduced the need to overhaul my portfolio. BUT, the downside: a stale look (and a stale book!).

Most of my model friends chopped their mane at some point, either because they felt like it or because an agent suggested it. Every single one of them looked amazing with shorter hair. I can’t say for a fact whether they worked more or less after going gamine (Ricky, Carter, Leslie, Luci…do chime in!), but I’m pretty sure Linda Evangelista would tell you it worked out well for her.

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista With Long Hair

Supermodel Linda Evangelista

Linda’s Signature Short Cut

My advice: If some random hairdresser wants to lop off your locks without asking your agent, exercise caution. If your novice (or nowhere land) booker insists a buzz cut, perm, or blue streaks will get you noticed, get a second and third opinion. If your new bigtime agent in New York is adamant you cut your hair, you probably should. If you are scouted for the TV show “Scouted,” and they whisk you to New York and suggest you cut your hair, do it and don’t cry about it.

Remember, it’s just hair. It grows. And if you’re like Karlie Kloss, you could end up with a haircut named after you.

The Karlie

The “Karlie,” Making the Cut in 2013

Supermodel Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss, B.C. (Before Cut)

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