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Victoria’s Secret 10th Annual Fashion Show

Over 10 million people tuned in to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday night. The cleavage and live music packed hour has eclipsed Miss America, which makes the old debate over the swimsuit competition seem quaint. The Angels who served as on-air correspondents during the show (giving models voices—nice, VS) mentioned all the young girls watching and dreaming of walking that runway someday. I’m sure they are, and, based on what we saw on E!’s “Scouted” the other night, their parents are on the sofa next to them and are behind them in their career aspirations.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Her 40-lb. Wings

I’m trying to think how I would feel if one of my daughters were up there, baring most of her bottom for all the world to see (200 countries watch). If she were the VS neophyte who also is attending Columbia right now, studying political science and economics, I might say, “Hot damn, girl, you’ve got it all!” (Way to defy model stereotypes, Camryn—not sure on sp. or why she isn’t getting more press!) Scroll down to my previous blog on the Angels, and you’ll see that strutting the VS runway does give a person the clout it takes to do a lot of good in the world. So that’s something.

More thumbs up for the ballerinas performing this year—can’t hurt to add a little culture to the event. Also, VS toned down the cleavage close-ups and the models mostly abstained from the stripper moves that I wrote about in my first VS Fashion Show blog. And, bravo, a few modest-sized cups in the mix! For the record, Miranda’s cups runneth over more than usual these days because she’s still nursing. (Yes, that body has housed a baby; a lot of those bombshells have kids, believe it or not.)

A big thumbs down for more sickly skinny girls (which partly explains the diminished breasts, but at least there weren’t as many fake ones plunked onto Lolita bodies). A full set of ribs protruding between bra and panties does not say sexy to me.

Alessandra strutting regally despite the 40-pound (!!) set of wings on her back and stilettos on her feet—now that’s sexy, and amazing!

If you missed the show, no worries. You can watch it on December 14, 9/8C, on CW.