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Who’s That “Stylemama”?

Woohoo, I’m officially a “Stylemama”! Fortunately the people over at rebelmom.com do not have spies catching me working in my PJs (ratty, unstylish ones) at my kitchen table right now. They think I dress like this all of the time:

Jill Johnson on Rebelmom.com

“Stylemama” Jill Johnson on Rebelmom.com

See how I’m leaning on that wall? Hmm, is that a pose or a way of taking the pressure off feet that are used to ballet flats and sneakers? I do actually admit in the interview that if I’m wearing heels, I have ballet flats in my bag. Maybe I don’t come completely clean about how often flip-flops round out my beach chic look. OK, maybe “chic” is a stretch. I better be careful. They might slap up another Stylemama in my place.

The bottom line, my fellow Stylemama wannabes out there, as long as you can clean up nice when you need to and find an outfit that’s free of spit-up and dried Cheerios, you’re doing alright :)

For tips on juggling work and motherhood plus thoughts on the most age-inappropriate clothing item I own, read the Rebelmom Interview.

Thanks again to my fashionista friends and entrepreneurs, Maria Casabianca at Soma Boutique and Jennifer Lau at Genevievelau.com;  photographer Mindy Veissid; and Joe Fresh for the Ralph Pucci job that brought me into the city at the right time for this shoot.

Next up: J’s Broadway audition for Matilda. Was it like an episode of Dance Moms?…

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