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How to Refresh Your Wardrobe in 60 Minutes With Fashion’s Night Out Style

In teetering pumps and fab frocks, thigh-revealing skirts and Frye boots—the ultra stylish took to the streets of New York for Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday, the kick-off to New York Fashion Week. Among them was a suburban mom trying to pass for ultra stylish. Good thing I have some fashionista friends I can call on at 3 PM the day of, to deck me out in jewels and appropriate clothing (i.e. not flip-flops or anything that has “Gap” on the label). I also needed a dress for a shoot, potentially for “Stylemama” on rebelmom.com. Considering the editors still need to ascertain if I am in fact a stylish mama, I ought to keep my mouth shut about the aforementioned core items of my wardrobe. Actually, I realized just in time that I do have one killer outfit, the “Contour” dress from All Saints. (I LOVE All Saints, and most of their clothes are a lot more rebellious than this look, btw). I just had forgotten it at the drycleaner’s after a friend’s wedding. So assuming no lingering stains, I could narrow my outfit needs to one, plus accessories.

Jill Johnson at Joe Fresh

In my All Saints Countour Dress

Style savior #1: Maria Casabianca at Soma Boutique.  I dashed into her store (a gem, tucked in Jessica Ryan’s salon by the Westport train station) and told her I had half an hour to find a great outfit that says “stylish working mom.” She pulled a few looks, starting with a black dress by Bobi—simple soft cotton, but cut like couture, beautiful fit (and beautiful price: $100). Done, 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Note to self: Go back when I can browse Soma’s racks at a more leisurely pace and check out the new home section; it was hard not to pick up a few throw pillows on my way out the door.

Style savior #2 (in chronological order; don’t make me pick a favorite): Jennifer Lau, supermom of 5 and creator of the stunning Genevieve Lau Jewelry collection. I got to her house at 3:20, which left a half hour before she had to load up her kids for soccer practice. Well before then, I was bedecked in a “Beijing” necklace, “Chicago with Bling” bracelet, “Sao Paulo” earrings, and a rainbow of “Moscow” rings (they fit perfectly, which must be some kind of sign).

Genevieve Lau Rings

Genevieve Lau “Moscow” Rings

Suddenly my fashion statement went from “Frumpy” to “Fabulous.” Jennifer is like that fairy godmother in Cinderella, I swear.

After a quick stop at Shoes-N-More for a pair of Michael Kors pumps (actually Michael by Michael Kors, but I say a Kors is a Kors, of Kors, of Kors) and some super cute gold ballet flats since I’m a shoe-switcheroo wimpy kinda fashion gal, I made it home by 4:30, packed, sped away from the teary-eyed children (more reasons ballet flats are useful), and caught a 5:30 train to New York.

The bar at the W Hotel looked a lot like a fashion show. In fact, thanks to Rent the Runway, a brilliant business launched by two HBS grads, a closet of frocks from the catwalks stood in the lobby. Aspiring fashionistas can rent a designer outfit for four days for 10% of the price tag (hotel guests get an added 50% off). Good to know, but of course I had no need for their services this trip.

I dressed quickly and raced straight to the main attraction of my night: Joe Fresh’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Joe Fresh NY Flagship Store

The New York Flagship Store,                                     510 Fifth Avenue

It’s an awesome store any day of the week, both architecturally and due to what’s on the racks: the cool Canadian brand’s J. Crew-with-an-edge looks (at even better prices). But on Fashion’s Night Out, Joe Fresh morphed from store to museum, presenting The Art of Mannequins: A Fresh Ralph Pucci Retrospective. I was especially excited to see these iconic masterpieces in person, because I did the copywriting for the exhibit. What a fun, fascinating project!

Stay tuned for more on Joe Fresh and Ralph Pucci, including the video that wowed the crowds on Fashion’s Night Out, and maybe for that Stylemama shot of the Bobi dress…

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