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Models, Makeup, and Must-Haves: New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up

The Best Model & Style Reports from New York Fashion Week

There’s so much great material out there during New York Fashion Week, that coming up with an original blog post would be like Zara wasting time developing a signature collection when knock-offs are so easy and marketable.

Some of my favorite articles/pictorials:

Model Conrad Bromfield

Male Model Conrad Bromfield

Walk Like a Man in the New York Times

Read the truth about bodies per square-foot in a New York model apartment and get inside the minds of men you formerly may have perceived as mindless.

Model Morphosis (also NY Times)

See models before and after hair and make-up. If you have a big nose, shaggy brows, teeny eyes, or resemble an alien—and really never thought you could model—these images will give you hope.

Model Nova Malanova

Model Nova Malanova transformed for Thakoon

The Best Beauty Looks from New York Fashion Week, Spring 2014, Harper’s Bazaar

Undone updos (super sexy), blue eyeliner (but so not your junior high style), blue eye shadow (knew I saved it for a reason), and easy, natural, low-key looks like this at Alexander Wang:

Alexander Wang Runway Look

Cool Beauty at Alexander Wang

Fashion Report, Harper’s Bazaar

And, last but not least, read The Fashion Infomer‘s NYFW Spring 2014 Diary

You will feel like you are there and you are almost as cool as TFI. (You are a little cooler than you were before you were in on TFI.)

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