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Did You Hear the Music at the Carolina Herrera Show?

If you did, I hope you recognized it from a previous post about my crazy talented friend Audi Martel (I mean, it’s crazy how talented she is, but she probably wouldn’t mind being called crazy and talented. We were talking on the phone today, and she mentioned something about making a music video in which she’s dancing around a bonfire naked, so ya know. And, yes, you WILL be the first to know once it’s viewable).

When my three-year-old was watching this video of the Carolina Herrera show with me today (see below), she kept asking which one of the models is my friend. True, Audi is a model—Carolina Herrera’s house model, no less. BUT having your songs played in a show is such a promotion from walking the runway.

Audi Martel at New York Fashion Week

Le Blonde’s Audi Martel at Fashion Week, Italian Vogue

This pic Italian Vogue snapped of Audi during New York Fashion Week proves the Le Blonde lead singer still can strike a pose. She just may not have much time to do so once the world hears her band…


Look for my Rebelmom.com feature next week. Hopefully I’ll be channeling a little Audi!