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Most Models Don’t Have a Voice, But Audi Martel Does. Listen Up!

Audi and I met in Miami 15 years ago and soon became roommates. She was striking—and still is.

Audi Martel

Audi Martel (shot by Julian Hibbard)

As Carolina Herrera’s house model now, Audi is one of the few models who has found the key to longevity in the business.

Carolina Herrera House Model Audi Martel

Audi Martel and Carolina Herrera

She also has found the key to happiness as a clothes hanger: Have other stuff going on. We began penning our memoirs together a few years ago (I’m using “few” loosely) and Audi revealed a talent for writing and a memory for detail—and skill in recounting those details—that is truly astonishing. Not to mention her riveting life story.

What else? Style. She has inimitable style. Even fashion magazines/bloggers notice this.

Audi Martel, British Vogue

Audi Martel, British Vogue (shot by Candice Lake)

Just when it’s hard to imagine this hip downtown New Yorker making us suburbanite moms in our minivans look any more frumpy and lame, Audi calls me and says she’s starting a band. Le Blonde is born and suddenly Audi is juggling modeling, writing, and a singing career. Audi can sing?? Really? I’m sure some of us doubted any more talent could be packed into one person, but the release of Le Blonde’s first song proves Audi has a voice. An amazing, haunting, gorgeous, cool, kick-ass voice. I give up. My only hope is to be cool by association.

Listen/download Le Blonde’s “Sisters of the Moon”

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