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Modeling Tip: Something Every Smart Model Does

The answer? Thinks ahead. Where do you want to be at age 30 or 40? Chances are very slim that you’ll still be making a living posing by then (especially if you are female). Nurture you talents and passions while you are modeling. Read. Take courses. Build a network. Be ready to reinvent yourself.

Too many models figure they’ll just marry a rich man. Don’t leave that as your only out. You could fall in love with a poor sweet soul, or, worse, force yourself to marry a rich creep you don’t love.

Supermodel Carla Bruni somehow covered all the bases, marrying the President of France and branching out into a successful singing career.

Model/Singer Carla Bruni

Model/First Lady/Chanteuse Carla Bruni

Check out her music video, “Chez Keith et Anita,” from her new album Little French Songs:



The list of models who have successfully crossed over into other high-profile careers is long, but equally long is the list of those who have faded out of the picture and found themselves lost, destitute, depressed, drug addicted, or in trouble with the law.

Here is a recent story about former model Dean Kelly, whose future is not looking so pretty.

Be smart, save your money, and think ahead!

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