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Modeling Agency Snapshot: Bicoastal Fitting Models

Interview with Malissa Young, Founder of Bicoastal Fitting Models

Bicoastal Fit Models

Models on Bicoastal’s Fit Board

Tell us about your agency:

Bicoastal Fitting Models was created in 2009 while I was pregnant with my second child. ¬†Initially, my thought was only to find my replacement fit model but instead of finding my twin body to carry on while I grew a 9 pound baby, I found myself with referrals and booked both Petite and Plus models with our initial clients. ¬†Now, we book models of all sizes for fit, including children, with clients and models based in NYC, LA, Boston, and Hong Kong. ¬†In 2012, we created a print board and have delighted in seeing our models and talent get called into great castings every week! ¬†We have also been excited to book runway shows with a number of brands, and continue to add models to our Fashion Board to be ready for the next season’s shows!

Malissa Young

Bicoastal Founder Malissa Young

What sets Bicoastal apart from other agencies?

There are a few things that we believe set us apart from other model management companies.  For one, as a former model myself, and with our head booker Nikki Gomez as another former model and fashion photographer, we care about our models and can relate to them!  We love it when we hear that we are one of the nicest agencies and believe it is part of why we grow.  We also can advise our models based on our direct experience of what clients are looking for from posture to poise, photos and even casting/booking etiquette.

Who are some of your clients?

Bicoastal Models aka Bicoastal Fitting Models specializes in finding fit models for brands that range from the hip and trendy boutique brands to the missy department store brands.  As the owner/founder, I always feel excited about new castings and seeing us expand and work with brands I personally covet for my closet!  Currently, DVF, Tory Burch, Haute Hippie, Inhabit jump to mind!  I do miss the days I modeled for great brands and had an employee invite to sample sales that were legendary (think $1,200 marked down to $50).

What other divisions besides fit do you have?

Our growth into the Commercial Print and Showroom/Print world has been a fun natural turn of events given the fact that we found ourselves with great talent who didn’t have the perfect measurements for fit ¬†but had a combination of factors that meant we knew we could find them work. ¬†Working in this field is like building a puzzle; I enjoy the challenge as well as seeing people achieve their goals! ¬†It is very rewarding to participate in that.¬†Our Plus division has been expanding with Nikki’s extra attention to it given her expertise in the Plus world. ¬†We are excited to have had models book some great Plus fit accounts as well as catalogs, E-commerce and runway! ¬†This is a hot area in my mind, given the fact that there is a customer base that seems under marketed to. ¬†It has really been amazing to meet so many plus models who have redefined beautiful and sexy (eliminating the skinny bit) which is so much healthier for women and girls who need to embrace their beauty in whatever shape or size it comes in.

Stay tuned for Part 2 from Malissa next week and find out how you may fit into the modeling world, whether you are a size 4 or size 18. Plus learn how much fit models make and more on commercial modeling. Don’t miss it!

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