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Commercial Modeling and Acting Tip: How to Prepare for Castings and Auditions

What is Commercial Modeling?

I get many requests for info about commercial modeling. Aspiring models who don’t hit the 5’9″ fashion modeling standard often figure they’ll go the commercial route. “Commercial” does not mean just doing TV commercials, though that is part of it. “Commercial” is a term used to describe a more girl-next-door (guy-next-door), real person look, versus a more extreme editorial look.

Commercial Modeling and Acting Prep

Those same aspiring commercial models who write to me sometimes think this whole commercial modeling thing is a snap. Actually, you need to hone your craft more in this field than you do with straight-forward posing and catwalking. Take some acting classes! Take acting classes before you even think about approaching agents. If you are near New York City, you can attend workshops with actual casting directors, like Jen Rudin. My son participated in her Mock Audition Boot Camp this weekend and got valuable feedback from someone who casts kids for a living. You will NOT get feedback from actual castings or auditions; casting directors are too busy to hand out personal critiques. It can get frustrating wondering what you are doing wrong when you don’t book jobs (half the time you probably just aren’t the right look for the part, but you won’t be privy to that self-confidence saving nugget of truth).

Jen Rudin Workshop

Jen Rudin’s Mock Audition Boot Camp

Stay tuned for a review of Jen Rudin’s book, Confessions of a Casting Director, hitting stores on December 31!

Audition Attitude

I can’t say it any better than Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston:


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