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Commercial Model and Actor Must-Read: “Confessions of a Casting Director”

Jen Rudin’s Confessions of a Casting Director

My 10-year-old son got an agent in New York at age 8 and we were thrown into the high-pressure, unpredictable audition process in sink-or-swim fashion. We’ve had to learn everything by trial and error. If I’d read casting director Jen Rudin‘s book then, I could have saved my son from a lot of heartache and humiliation.

Confessions of a Casting Director


Inside the Casting Process

The casting process is almost always entirely mysterious and this book works magic: taking the reader behind the scenes of the casting process and into the head of a casting director. It’s an easy and engaging read, covers every question a stage parent/actor might have, and is written by an expert who has been on both sides of the casting table. My son and I loved the “Epic Success” and “Epic Fail” audition sidebars, in which actors shared their audition experiences. All the direct quotes from other experts in the field were illuminating as well.

Jen Rudin Workshop

Jen Rudin’s Mock Audition Boot Camp

Thanks, Jen, for giving actors and stage parents such a useful tool and fun book to read (I read it in one day—could not put it down). I also highly recommend Jen’s acting workshops, which my son has attended. Instruction from the people who actually cast actors in major movies and Broadway shows—it doesn’t get better than that.

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