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Child Actor Wins Emmy: Hayley Faith Negrin

Ever Thought About Doing Voice-Overs? Hayley Faith Negrin Shows How Far a Voiceover Job Can Take You!

If you have an acting agent, whether you are an adult or a kid, you likely will be sent out on voice-over auditions on occasion. The plus with voiceover is you don’t have to memorize the script or the “sides.” The minus is that your voice has to do ALL the work. Your facial expressions and hand movements will only be apparent to you, in a sound booth. So you have to be extra expressive! Start paying attention to the voices of cartoon characters and you’ll see what I mean.

I just interviewed Hayley Faith Negrin, the voice of Peg on PBS‘s hit show PEG + CAT, who won an Emmy for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Series at the age of 11! Those stints acting solo and doing scenes over and over can be tedious, but Hayley’s hard work paid off big time. By the way, her mom was a child actor also—good acting genes! Read Hayley’s story here:

Hailey Faith NegrinPeg+Cat

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