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How to Dress for a Modeling Agency Open Call or a Casting

Model Agency Dress Code

The most common mistake modeling neophytes make is to dress up. Don’t think church or wedding; think a cool, casual day out on the town with your friends. Show a flair for fashion but don’t overdo it with a bunch of designer labels. Models are known for mixing vintage and designer garb—that combo is always a winning one. Don’t over-accessorize; pick one unusual piece that gives your outfit personality. Make sure you choose clothes that flatter your assets. Great legs? Wear a miniskirt. Tiny waist? Don’t hide it under a baggy shirt. Form-fitting is usually the way to go (if your form is up for it!). Most importantly, if you are under 5’10″, wear heels! Even if you are over 5’10″ go for it, unless you are over six feet; then you are fine in flats.

Model Casting

Don’t overdo it with your hair and makeup. Simple and natural are best.

Casting Dress Code

Most of the above applies, but try to fit the role if possible. Don’t go goth to a Gap casting. Don’t wear sneakers to a couture fashion show casting. You get the drift.

Model Casting

I couldn’t resist the Def Leppard t-shirt!

Good luck!

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