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Modeling Agency Submissions: 5 Tips for Taking the Photos Agents Want to See

The Modeling Photos That Will Score You an Agency Interview

1. Au Natural

Agents want to see what you really look like. Generally they will request photos with a clean face, i.e. no makeup. (Cheat a little if you have a major blemish and want to cover it, but make sure you appear to have no makeup on!)

Model Taylor Rae

Model of the Month Taylor Rae, au natural (mostly)

2. Good Lighting

If you are shooting outdoors (often the best light), aim for a sunny day at dawn or at sunset. That’s when natural light yields glowingly gorgeous results. If you are shooting indoors, play around with turning lights on and off in a room, posing across from a window, aiming a lamp toward you face to wash out dark circles. Take some trial shots in various locales and find where you look best, then use that spot to shoot all of your photos.

3. An Uncluttered Background

Don’t have a mailbox, toilet, dirty laundry, or anything busy or unsightly in the background. A bush or attractive fence, if you are outside, will do just fine. Inside, try to find a plain wall.

4. Just YOU!

Don’t send in snapshots with friends and make agents play “Where’s Waldo” to find you!

5. These Photos…

If the agency’s website gives you specifics, read carefully and send exactly what they ask for. Most likely they will want:

-A headshot (this is a shot of your face straight on, just to about your shoulders)

-Your profiles (both, as they won’t be the same. Read up on Showing Your Best Side!)

Profile shot

Taylor Rae’s lovely profile

-A full-length shot that shows your body (in a bikini ideally, but not anything that will look like a submission for Playboy! Risque does not work, unless you are looking for a sleazy agent). Several full-length shots from different angles can’t hurt (unless those angles are less attractive!).

full-length shot

Taylor Rae’s full-length in                            body-hugging clothing 

-Optional: if you have great professional modeling shots, by all means send them in addition to those listed above. Not all agents have the eye to recognize potential without the handiwork of a professional team (photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, and stylist) working their magic. BUT don’t go out and spend a ton of money on professional shots without getting some expert opinions first (feel free to send your snapshots to me; I’ll be gently honest. And Enter the Modeling Mentor Model Search while you are at it!).

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