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Modeling Agency Appointment: What to Expect and When to Beware

 Congrats, Your Foot is in the Modeling Agency Door!

Em Marie-Ny Models

Model of the Month Em Marie and me at her appointment with NY Model Management (my old agency!)

So you’ve beaten odds that rival winning the lottery and have actually secured an in-person interview at a modeling agency. First of all, you need to know that this never happens. Agents are busy. It’s much easier to browse through photos submitted online and drag them to the trash than actually have a full-on conversation with a model wannabe. If an agent is willing to meet you, they see potential (or they aren’t legit and may be scam artists—more on that in a minute). This is BIG. Especially if you are in a big-time market like New York. Make sure you are prepared and prompt. Follow the agent’s instructions carefully if they ask you to bring photos. Often they will want to see natural snapshots and do not require professional photos (but bring them if you have them).          5 Tips for Taking the Photos Agents Want to See

Plan what you will wear and do not load on the makeup or hairspray. Think natural! How to Dress for an Agency Open Call or Casting.

Model Em Marie

Em Marie at the airport after signing with NY Model Management. Totally model chic!

What to Expect From the Agent

1. Your meeting will likely take less than a half hour (5 or 10 minutes is more common). There probably will not be a lot of small talk. As I said, these people are busy (which is good; you need to worry if they aren’t). The more time they spend with you, the more likely they are interested. A quick perusal of photos and adios is not out of the question and remain polite if this happens. It’s business. It’s not personal. I have been rejected by an agency that later signed me. They will remember if you dissolve in a puddle on the floor or punch the door. Save it for after you are out the door. Or better yet, go without expectations and with a firm understanding that you should be proud of yourself for just getting in the door. No tears necessary.

2. The agent may take some digital photos of you. If you have a fake looking smile and need to chuckle to make it look real, figure this out beforehand (yep, that would be one of my flaws). The selfie generation should be pretty attuned to their best expressions and angles!

3. They may take measurements. How Modeling Agencies Will Take Your Measurements

4. They may start discussing their business approach and expectations and ask if you have questions. This is a very good sign!

5. They may offer you a contract. Bingo! You’re in!

Beware: Signs an Agent is Not Legit

1. If they ask for a fee to interview you or represent you.

2. They want you to sign a contract on the spot. Take it home. Look it over. Have a lawyer look it over if you want to be extra cautious.

3. They promise you stardom or a big income. Agents can predict you will do well but can’t promise you will.

4. They want you to take any photos or do any shoots, shows etc. that feel sleazy. I recently heard about a woman lured into “lingerie modeling,” which actually turned out to be work for a lewd website.

5. If they contacted you online and asked to see you (reputable agents really don’t have time to scour the Internet for talent; aspiring models flock to them), especially if they have a name which is deceivingly similar to the name of an actual top agency.

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