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Modeling Tip: Scam Alert!

Model Scams

I’ve written about modeling scams before, but the questions about dubious modeling services, agencies, and scouts keep coming. As long as there are modeling scams (which there will be for as long as there are aspiring models), I’ll keep issuing warnings!

How to Spot a Modeling Scam

Often you can tell a legit website with photos of successful models from one with sub-par models featured on the home page.

IMG Models London

IMG London: A Legit Model Agency Site

That’s one tip that could help this reader, as well as a reminder that alarm bells should go off if a company asks for money up front (in this case, even before meeting the aspiring model).

Her Question:

“I recently put up a pic and applied to a website in London (I am from Ireland); I received a text message saying they saw my application and would like me to ring them on a number he had sent me in the text. I did and he said they would like to see me in three weeks as my pic shows modeling potential. They sent me an email and would like to see me to assess me. They need 50 pounds deposit and I will get it back if I show up.”

My Answer:

I would steer clear of any “modeling” related service that asks for money up front. You can submit your photos to legit agencies, like Next, Elite, and IMG in London, and they’ll tell you if they think you have modeling potential. It won’t cost you a penny (submit via email). Here is a link to the top London agencies: http://models.com/agencies/top/London/WomenGo to their sites and you’ll find info on how to submit.  Good luck!


Stay tuned for a blog post on model agency open call times, coming next week.

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