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Modeling Tip: Get Educated About the Fashion Industry

I am always amazed at how little effort some aspiring models will put into getting informed about how the business works. They crave instant gratification, expecting to be discovered and shoot to stardom without doing any legwork. Even before pursuing agents, you should be reading everything you can about modeling—easy to do in the blogosphere. You should ask any models and photographers you meet for advice.

If you live in the NY-CT area, former model and photographer/scout Debra Somerville (Images Workshop) is doing a workshop on April 28. This will be a great way to get informed, dip your toes into the fashion scene, and have a great time:

Learn About Modeling!


If you live in the area and are at least 12 years old, attend! Debra is so easy-going, genuine, and talented—just the kind of mentor you need. I also will be there, doing a Q&A with the models and joining in the fun.   SIGN UP

If you don’t live in the area, would you be interested in a podcast of an event like this? Let me know!

Look for an interview with Debra Somerville coming soon.

Also, stay tuned for April Modeling Mentor Model of the Month, to be announced this week!