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Modeling Tip: A Key Ingredient of a Confident Model

The answer? Good posture! Whether you are a model or not, nothing projects a lack of confidence like slouching. Tall girls are particularly prone to hiding under hunched shoulders—a habit they develop while trying not to tower over the boys in school. Well, future catwalkers and basketball stars, lengthen your spine, roll your shoulders back, hold you head high, and then see how much more attention you get.

Yogi Christy Turlington

The Key to Christy’s Impeccable Posture

The easiest way to prep for good posture on castings, catwalks, and on set, is to get in the habit of having good posture ALL THE TIME. If just thinking about carrying yourself like a ballerina doesn’t work, then consider some dance classes (ballet guru Finis Jhung has some excellent DVDs you can do at home). Yoga is also a great activity to teach you to be mindful of your body and posture, and unlike many forms of exercise, yoga lengthens, rather than shortens, muscles (my favorite yoga CDs are by Nantucket Yoga Rooms’ Shannah Green). This makes for a gorgeous, lithe model bod.

Model Kate Moss

Kate, getting away with hunching. Don’t try this at home.

While slouchy poses may have worked at the height of the heroin chic era, standing tall is the safest—and sexiest—stance. Did you see any hunched over models on the Victoria’s Secret  runway? No way, not even a heavy pair of wings could weigh down the shoulders of these pros…

Victoria's Secret Wings

She’s not just winging it. This takes practice!


Victoria's Secret Sultry Christmas

Victoria’s Secret’s Confident Elves


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