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Pint-Size Supermodels Prove You Don’t Have to Be Five-Ten

It’s one of the top prerequisites for models: you have to be tall. Thin you have some control over. Young—you can fudge a little. But aside from high heels, it’s hard to fake tall. The ideal height? About 5’10″ in the catalog world, 5’11″ for editorial models, 6′ can’t hurt on a catwalk. If you’re 5’9″, an agency won’t close the door in your face. If you always wear high heels, 5’8″ is passable, especially in smaller markets. Shorter than that, and your chances are slim to none. But between slim and none fall some supermodels who give all the shorter girls hope! Devon Aoki, for example, is only 5’5″.

Supermodel Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki

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