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March Model of the Month Runner-Up: Winfrida Metili

Congrats, South African Model Winfrida!

5’4″ Model Shines on the Runway

She’s not only Model of the Month runner-up, but also wins the prize for best impersonation of a tall model. Huh? Well, look at the photo and guess how tall Winfrida is. Have an answer in your head? Now read on…

Runway model Winfrida

Winfrida Metili on the runway

Height: 5’4″

Closest City: Johannesburg

Agency: Blackfox Models Africa

Yes, Winfrida is a good 6 inches below minimum runway model height. BUT, she is so willowy and long-limbed that her body gives the optical illusion of length. This is really the secret of success for petite models (plus wearing towering heels all of the time). This does not mean a top agency in New York would sign her, or that I will be posting a lot of models under 5’9″ (sorry, dear vertically challenged readers)—my aim is to be honest and realistic. But it is worth sharing an example of the body type needed—the clothes hanger (i.e. clothes hang on it as they would from a hanger)—if you don’t meet the typical height requirement for fashion modeling.

Of course there are many opportunities in the less stringent commercial modeling sector.

Model Winfrida

Winfrida Metili

Perhaps I was also drawn to Winfrida because I just interviewed broadcast journalist Scott Pelley (CBS, 60 Minutes), and he shared with me so many photos from Africa (some stunning, some devastating). Stay tuned for that article on his passion for photography—it’s eye-opening in more ways than one.

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