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Modeling Tip: Be Nice to the New Face

Lauren Hutton recently revealed in a Net-a-Porter.com interview that the 90s supermodel divas used to make fun of Kate Moss, when she was the new kid on the block. I’m sure they looked down on short-but-hot stuff Kate and didn’t see it coming when she snuck by them on the supermodel fast track. On the Millennium Vogue cover, Kate sat front and center on newsstands and big timers like Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, and Christy Turlington were only visible on a cover fold-out page. Hutton claims this caused some catty comments at the shoot, which Lauren deflected by “using my mouth like a bull whip.” (Don’t you love Lauren Hutton? She rocks.)

90s Supermodels


I ran into very few bitchy models during my decade on the international circuit, but certainly they are out there—just in much fewer numbers than people would imagine and condensed at the top of the food chain. Bottom feeders are just trying to earn enough to feed themselves; there isn’t much room for attitude!

While I didn’t have many nasty girl run-ins, I met a show-off or two. They inspired this “Dear Jill” column, which reveals what’s beneath the bragging.

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