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Modeling Tip: Fixing Flaws

Model Flaws: To Fix or Not?

Model Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton never fixed the gap in her teeth. That gap may have made her famous!

It’s possible, on your path to model stardom, that your agent or photographers, will suggest ways to “improve”  yourself: nose job…boob job…lipo… Now those “improvements” require some serious thought. These major procedures comes with risks, both medical complications and the possibility that the “new and improved” version just does not feel like you. Lauren Hutton was told to fix the gap in her teeth. She even promised Eileen Ford that she would, but she kept putting it off until that very flaw became part of her signature look that made her a huge success. I know at least one Victoria’s Secret model who has made a fortune due to her breast augmentation (and I’m sure she is one of many). So, it’s a tough decision. Take your time, ask for multiple opinions, and be sure whatever you do, it is a change you will be happy with even if you do not make it as a model.

There are some makeover items that are no brainers, whether you want to model or not:

Spider Veins and Age Spots — Get Rid of ‘Em!

Model Legs

Even at 22 I had unsightly spider veins on my thighs and the start of a varicose vein problem. There’s no question that they qualify as flaws. I didn’t know then that schlerotherapy, injecting the veins with a solution that collapses them, was so effective and easy.  I wish that I hadn’t waited until 30 to try it. I only needed one treatment to almost eliminate them and the healing process is fast. I wore bandages for 24 hours and limited exercise (although my legs felt perfectly fine, just a little itchy under the bandages) and then wore support hose for a few days. I’ve repeated the procedure a few times since, each time with Dr. Katz at Juva Skin and Laser Center in New York. (Cost: $500 per treatment.)

Age spots hopefully aren’t something you have to worry about until the twilight years of your career, depending how careful you are about sunscreen! But they also are easy to treat. I’ve had the sun spots that have appeared on my face over the years lasered several times. They just aren’t cute like freckles are! I also went to Juva to have the laser treatment done by Dr. Katz. It feels a little like hot grease being spattered on your face but it’s tolerable. You’ll have to book out, as it will take about a week for the scabs to clear up.

There are so many other treatments that models consider: laser peels, Botox, having a rib removed to reduce waist size (I’m not kidding). Which do you think are no big deal and which would you think twice about? Let us know!

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