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Modeling Moment: A Photographer Zooms in on My Sub-Par Rear

I didn’t think Christmas day was the right time to blog about my derriere, so this week you get a Thursday Tip:

Models Should Not Take Criticism Personally!

To get an idea of just how direct the attacks on a model’s personal appearance can be, here’s a scene from my book that recounts a particularly harsh assessment of my backside…

I was booked to model workout attire in a photo studio in the Bavarian boonies. Six looks and as many hours into it, the shoot seemed to be going well. Then the fashion stylist handed me a hot pink g-string leotard and white tights. “It’s a close-up, from the back,” she said. I cringed.

The photographer shot Polaroids and paused to watch the colors morph into an image he hoped would reveal a lovely heart-shaped rear unlike the sub-par specimen before his lens. I held my breath. After much pacing and pained analysis, he tacked the pictures to a bulletin board and asked me to look at them.

“Zee, look, here,” commanded the photographer, vigorously tapping his finger on the Polaroid of my leotard-clad rump. “Zis is not gute!”

I looked at the two blobs of lumpy dough, kneaded into white tights and cleaved by a swatch of hot pink butt floss. The cheeks of my face flushed to a similar shade.

“Zis, I cannot verk vith zis,” scolded the photographer as he used his finger to put exclamation points on my other cheeks, recorded in all their droopy glory. “Sabina, call the agency,” he said to the stylist. “I need a different model. Zis one can go home.” He stomped off down the hall.

Wow, harsh, right? I had two choices: (1) be mortified and book a ticket home, where I would find a job in which my tush would not be a factor in success, or (2) realize everyone—models included—have flaws and the rude critique related to the product Jill Johnson, not the person Jill Johnson. I went with option 2 and, during my long career, I never encountered white tights and a g-string leotard again. Phew.

A better bootie:

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Squats, anyone?

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