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Modeling Tip: 5 Ways to Avoid the 5-lb Holiday Weight Gain

I just heard on the radio that the average Thanksgiving meal has 4,000 calories in it. There are 3,500 calories in a pound. Most of us should be eating under 2,000 a day (and exercising!). So Turkey day, with all that lounging around and feasting, is likely to put you well on your way to a nice extra layer of fat by New Year’s.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Here’s my advice:

1. Exercise on Thanksgiving. Whether it’s before your meal or after, get your body moving. Preferably do an extra hard workout. At the very least, go for a nice, long, brisk walk. You will feel so much better about indulging if you’ve earned the calories.

2. Go easy on the stuffing, gravy, buttery mashed potatoes, and pie. Load up your plate with turkey (white meat), greens (hopefully there’s something green on the table), and leave space for just a small sampling of the high-test stuff.

3. Instead of having seconds, save a plate-full for Friday. Leftovers taste just as good, if not better.

4. If you don’t have self-control, don’t bake Christmas cookies every other day in December! Or give them away to neighbors pronto.

5. Read this NY Times article: Is Sugar Toxic? It curbed my sweet-tooth.

Good News: If you are over 35, you may actually look prettier with an extra 5 lbs. See why in one of my favorite blog posts: New Year’s Resolution Relief!

Gwenneth Paltrow

Gwenneth Paltrow aging well with a little extra weight


For you poor lot who are under 35, if you are entering the Modeling Mentor Model Search, take photos now, before you have to worry about the camera adding 10 lbs and the holidays adding 5 more.

I’m so thankful for my blog readers. I’m even more thankful for my subscribers (sign Up for my Monthly Modeling Newsletter or sign up to receive posts in a reader or via e-mail).

Happy Thanksgiving all!