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Did Fashion Star Host Elle MacPherson Have an Extreme Makeover?

Fashion Star, a hybrid of Project Runway and the Home Shopping Network, premiered Tuesday on NBC.  On the show, aspiring designers present looks on the catwalk for judges (Nicole Richie, John Varvatos, and Jessica Simpson) to assess. The commercial twist here involves buyers from Saks, Macy’s, and H&M critiquing as well, and bidding in the $50,000 to $100,000 range to buy items they like.  Viewers at home can buy the clothes in stores the very next day.

The show has a good mix of diva designers (one, a former male model, managed to offend all of the women on the panel by implying they didn’t know men’s fashion) and catty judges (Nicole especially), and the concept is pretty cool. BUT, I couldn’t focus on any of that because I was too distracted by host Elle Macpherson’s face. What has she done to it?

Elle Macpherson and Fashion Star Judges

Elle Macpherson and Fashion Star Judges

I know the obvious answer: everything from plumping up her lips to Botoxing away any expression. Though she denies doing anything (except trying Botox in the past), I’m not sure I buy it. Who looks like that at almost 48?

I don’t think she’s given her gorgeous features a chance to see how they would settle into midlife on their own. Sure, Elle would not have looked like a cover girl forever, but the lines life draws on a face, the pulls of gravity on brows and jowls, suggest wisdom, experience, a relaxing of superficial priorities and a deeper sense of the stuff that matters, including sending a positive message to our youth.

I can’t say if I’ll feel the same way at 65, but at least at 40-something, I’m taking fading looks in stride. There are so many other places to look for beauty in life than in a mirror. Elle claims to feel the same way. What do you think?

Elle Macpherson

Fashion Star's Elle Macpherson

A. She’s drinking from some artificial fountain of youth and not telling.

B. She’s blessed with age-defying genes.

C. The makeup and lighting on Fashion Star are making her look a little plastic.

As for Elle’s body, well, she continues to live up to her moniker “The Body” (she claims to have nabbed that nickname way before Heidi Klum did). No doctor can give you legs like that. Amazing. There’s some gossip that her voluminous breasts are perky for their age, but again she denies any plastic surgery. The six-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model posed in a bikini for People magazine last week. Needless to say, most 30-year-olds who haven’t had kids yet would die to look like this!

Elle Macpherson Swim Shoot

Elle Posing for People Magazine at Age 48


See the video below, from five months ago, for a close up on Elle’s almost-50 porcelain-doll face…