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Model-of-the-Month Update: Oliver Prasetyo Lands Gap & Puts Indonesia on the Model Map

A Must-Read Male Model Q & A!

Oliver Prasetyo, a Modeling Mentor Model of the Month¬†and winner of last year’s Model of the Year People’s Choice Award, is making a big splash in Indonesia, not to mention in the U.S., where he landed a coveted GAP campaign! This guy is a go-getter, not to mention funny, smart, and photogenic. That’s a recipe for success in modeling. Read, watch, and learn…

Model Oliver Prasetyo

Oliver Prasetyo

J: How did you start modeling?

O: One night coming home from work, someone inquired if I were a model, to which I laughed and replied no. She recommended that I check out a casting. I went on a whim and was selected to walk for a show.

J: How old were you?

O: 25

J: Where were you?

O: In New York, on the Subway. F line maybe?

J: Your first job?

O: It was for a small designer line. Truthfully, the name escapes me.

J: Your big break?

O: When I booked the GAP fall campaign “Dress Normal” in NYC.

Oliver Prasetyo for GAP

Oliver Prasetyo

J: Your favorite job?

O: When I modeled in Indonesia recently, I was featured on various talk shows (see below) showcasing my experiences as a model. Also, modeling for Esquire magazine and Nylon magazine in Indonesia was amazing.

J: Your goals?

O: Modeling: To model all over Asia and Europe.¬†Overall Goal: I’d like to introduce and expose Indonesian culture to American entertainment in some capacity.

J: What advice do you have for aspiring models?

O: Never give up. Don’t allow other people to rob you of your dreams. Keep pushing and grinding if it’s truly what you desire. Surround yourself with people who support you. And always follow your dreams.

J: What do you find most surprising about the modeling industry?

O: That they book a goofy Indonesian kid from Queens from time to time. LOL

J: How do you stay in shape and is there pressure to be in great shape?

O: I just try to eat healthy and do daily cardio, push ups, and ab work outs. 

J: Any special diet?

O: Coming from an Asian background, it can be tough to say no to all the deliciousness of a home cooked meal. But you have to be mindful that you aren’t filling yourself with unnecessary stuff. I don’t have a special diet, but I do limit my daily carb and sugar intake.¬†

J: The biggest perks of modeling?

O: You’re in a profession that garners attention. I like to use it to inspire people. A lot of people didn’t think I was capable of modeling in the early beginnings. Those doubters are now supporters.

J: The biggest challenges?

O: It was definitely in the beginning when I had virtually no supporters. Well, Jill Johnson believed in me ;)

Oh, yes, I did!

Check out Oliver discussing modeling, on a talk show in Indonesia. Notice how poised, articulate, relaxed, and likable he is. He’s got that extra something beyond looks, which makes all the difference in how far a model will go…