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Modeling Advice: Covergirl or College Girl?

Should I forego college in favor of maximizing my prime modeling years?

It’s a question I hear a lot. I’m one of the rare few who graduated from college before I got into a serious modeling career. By 22, though, I knew my supermodel potential was pretty much zilch. Here’s my snarky reply to a Tear Sheet reader facing the dilemma of choosing one over the other: Modeling vs. School.

Tyra Banks at Harvard

Tyra Banks at Harvard

And here are some surprisingly well-educated supermodels (many of whom went to school after their covergirl years): 10 Beautiful Brains

My advice? If you are signed with a strong agency and are getting a lot of work with big photographers, doing big shows—showing great promise—then perhaps postpone college for a year. But don’t wait until you’re 30. You won’t be hanging in the dorms then and having the classic college experience. It’s not worth trading, even for a Vogue cover.

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