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Joe Fresh Brings Great Fashion and Great Bears to New York

If you have the pleasure of holiday window shopping this year in New York, don’t miss Joe Fresh at 43rd and Fifth Avenue. In place of models, you will find two 12-foot-tall polar bears, sculpted out of foam by Canadian artists Moss & Lam.

"The Great Bears" at Joe Fresh

Winter White at its Most Magnificent

I did the writing for this project; look for the giant video wall in the store and learn about the inspiration for “The Great Bears” (or “Ursa Major”), how they were created, and how many Swarovski crystals are incorporated into the sculpture.

Dancing Bears at Joe Fresh

The Beauty, Wonder, and Whimsy of the Holiday Season at Joe Fresh

"The Great Bears" Aerial View

Aerial View of the Majestic Bears in the Spectacular Joe Fresh NY Flagship Store

Watch “The Making of the Great Bears” video:

The Great Bears: Winter white at its most magnificent from Joe Fresh on Vimeo.

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