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What has long legs, a long neck, and wears an animal print coat?

No, not a fashion model. A giraffe.

Today’s entry is about a giraffe named Patches, who is the mascot at my kids’ school. This has nothing to do with modeling, but a lot to do with the moments that make motherhood worth the whiny background noise.

At the risk of becoming one of those annoying moms who posts every scribble their little genius makes, here’s another entry from my 8-year-old guest blogger…

Kid Diary












Step by Step

You would probably think us giraffes transportate [sic] together. No way, us ladies like to have privacy. You probably know that I am very tall, but I know you don’t know this: I have the largest eyes of all land animals. By the way, the lady herd does not have to be the same size. We can travel from two all the way to seventy-five. You want to play hide-and-seek, ’cause I’ll bet a hundred dollars I can find you in ten minutes. Oh, I almost forgot. Have you seen any lions while you were talking to me? I like to spot those too. Wait, see one. Gotta go! Bye.

Safe and Secure

By the way, the safest place to be is the savannah. It’s secure too. Have you seen any rustling grass, cause it’s most likely a lion. Oh wait, there’s one. Gotta go. Bye! Snort, snort. Get away, lion! Better get away giraffes, zebras, and wildebeests. We’ll be stampeding through the savannah soon to get somewhere safe.