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June Model of the Month: Lucy Roth

Child Model Winner

Congrats, Lucy!

girl model on catwalk

Lucy Roth strutting the runway, in clothes she designed, at Ellen Gang Design Studio

Height: 55″¬† ¬† Age: 9¬† ¬†Size: 8

Based in CT
Photo by Kerry Long

I saw Lucy in a fashion show recently, and her fierce strut worked like a jolt of caffeine on an audience placidly enjoying a parade of children modeling clothes they had sewn themselves. Lucy was a supermodel among amateurs. The graphic designer friend by my side leaned in and said, “I’d like to do a shoot with that girl.” My friend was not privy to the fact that Lucy normally sports a bald head, as a result of her struggle with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. I knew this; I’d seen her bravely displaying her naked head on Facebook and thought she was an amazing, inspiring little girl. But on that runway, I caught a glimpse of something more, as did my friend: a model powerhouse of the Linda Evangelista variety with the entrancing glare of Stella Tennant and speedy gait of Tatjana Patitz. She bowled me over and I had to share her with all of you.

Girl model in black and pink jacket

Lucy Roth modeling the jacket she made at Ellen Gang Design Studio and channeling Stella Tennant

In the show, for¬†Ellen Gang Design Studio, Lucy wore a wig made by¬†Children With Hair Loss, an organization¬†located in Michigan that¬†provides free human hair wigs for kids struggling with hair loss. Unlike other programs like Locks of Love, when people donate hair to Children with Hair Loss, it goes directly to kids who need it–with no thousand-dollar price tag.

Alopecia Areata is very unpredictable. Hair can fall out or regrow at any time. There is currently no cure for this condition, though about 1-2% of the population suffers from it at some point. Lucy had no hair during third grade but she powered through radiantly.¬†She doesn‚Äôt normally wear the wig but rather opts for¬†just a thin hat and sometimes nothing at all. I asked Lucy how¬†she stays strong and confident. She replied, “I¬†just put myself¬†out there and take¬†the risk.” She says she is¬†thankful for her friends, who have been so supportive and kind to her.

There is much beauty in this story. Thank you, Lucy.

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model with bald head and profound expression

Lucy Roth, an alopecia areata sufferer, celebrates her unique beauty. Photo by Kerry Long.

Fun face shots reflected in rearview mirrors

Lucy Roth looking askance in mirrors. Photo by Kerry Long.