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Tap With Thommie & Broadway Kid Scoop

The #1 Broadway Kids’ Coach You Gotta Know!

It’s time for… Tap with Thommie! If you haven’t heard of Thommie Retter yet, you are not reading my blog very carefully. He is the kids’ coach to know if Broadway is the goal OR if just having a fantastic time with a bunch of great kids is what you have in mind. If you live in the tri-state area, hop on a train and join Thommie for his fall drop-in classes on Fridays at Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue.

Here are descriptions of Thommie’s Classes, right from the man himself!

Fun Tap – 4:30 to 5:30

This class is easier, though all of the kids take it. In this class, we work specifically on the fundamentals of tap dance.

Broadway Tap – 5:30 to 6:30

This class is more advanced and will prepare kids for tap auditions they have coming up!

Jazz 4 Theatre Kids – 6:30 to 7:30

Here I work on flexibility, strength and basic technique that will assist kids when executing dance steps including turns, jumps and combinations they will come across in future auditions.

Everything I work on with the kids on Fun Friday is aimed at getting them on Broadway by showing up at auditions with confidence and talent.

$40 for 1 class, $50 for two, $60 for all three

Sign up on Thommie Retter’s Site to receive updates on audition workshops and fabulous guests, like…

Jamie Mann & Trent Kowalik

Jamie & Original Billy Elliot Trent Kowalik!

Trent Kowalik, one of the original Billy Elliots on Broadway, who popped into Thommie’s tap classes last week. (This stuff happens all the time, so come to class and get some autographs!)

Tap With Thommie

Tap Class With Thommie and Trent

Fun Tap with Thommie

Laugh Attacks Encouraged :)

Stay tuned for news on an exciting project Thommie has in the works. You are going to love it!

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