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Model of the Month: Em Marie

Congrats to future supermodel Em Marie!

Model Em Marie by Emily Scimeca

Em Marie, shot by Emily Scimeca

Height: 5’7 ½”    Age: 14    

Based in New York/Alabama

Just signed with New York Model Management! 

I met Em Marie this summer in Maine. She and my son were dancing in a benefit together. I literally did a double-take when I first noticed her. She is stunning. She absolutely radiates fresh beauty. I knew she was the next supermodel, but she seemed to have no idea! Em has such a polite, sweet demeanor, which is always refreshing in someone who looks like they could be on the cover of Elle. 

Em Marie by Gene Schiavone

Em Marie, shot by Gene Schiavone

Go down the checklist of most desirable model traits and Em has them all: wide-set eyes, a pretty nose, full lips, gorgeous skin, high cheekbones, fabulous brows (oh those brows!), a symmetrical face, great hair. Then there is the long neck, the long lean body, and long limbs (and of course I noticed her 5’10″ mom, who told me about her 6’8″ brother. Ok, still growing. Check!).

Em Marie by Emily Scimeca

Em Marie, shot by Emily Scimeca

Add to that her talent as a fabulous dancer and aerialist, and you’ve got a girl who knows how to move, is bold and brave, and is interesting. She has strength and depth—that extra something that makes her memorable. Throw in a dose of ambition—she did long, rigorous test shoots on weekends while also dancing all day Monday through Friday at a dance intensive in New York—and she is unstoppable.

Model Em Marie by Jordan Matter

Em Marie, shot by Jordan Matter

Em’s test proofs prove she is extremely photogenic (which is not always the case with beautiful people). Her normal dance training routine involves 24 hours a week of sweat. This kid is a phenomenon and she has only just gotten started! I took her in to my old agency, New York Model Management in New York, and, as I expected, they signed her on the spot. I am thrilled for Em Marie, who will be developed through the New Faces division over the next few years and then be ready to take the fashion world by storm. Don’t forget this face. I promise you will see a lot of it in the future!

Em Marie by Jordan Matter

Em Marie—doing anything to get the shot! By Jordan Matter.

Want to see what this model does for fun? Watch Em Marie’s Silks aerial routine at the Big Maine Event.

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