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Modeling Tip: Booking “Brings”

So you’ve landed a modeling job, but you have no idea what to wear or bring to your first booking. You don’t need a briefcase or business suit, but there are some requirements besides gorgeous you:

1. A nude bra and g-string. Unless you are doing a beauty shot (close-up), women should always have these standard undergarments on (or at least on hand). Nothing is worse than putting panty lines into the pants you are being paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to model.

2. Any “Brings” that you’ve been told to supply. Sometimes clients ask a model to bring some items from their own wardrobe (often I wouldn’t end up using what I’d lugged along, but a professional model follows instructions).

3. Many jobs require that you arrive “clean, clean,” which means clean hair and clean face. The makeup artist and hairdresser want a blank slate to work their magic; they don’t want to style your hairsprayed ‘do or scrub off the mascara you applied so that you wouldn’t look the way models look without makeup (like mortals).

Model Caroline Corinth

Caroline Corinth, sans makeup

3. Basic makeup (just in case) or your whole makeup kit if you’ve been asked to do your own makeup. And makeup remover, in case you want to remove several pounds of cosmetics before, say, riding public transportation home.

4. A book. Models do a lot of sitting around. Use your brain during the breaks from mindless posing.

Carre Otis: Beauty, Disrupted

5. A voucher. This is key to making sure you get paid.

6. A comp card. You never know when you might need one—for the photographer’s assistant who wants to do a free test, the stylist who knows a client who would like you, the hot male model on the job…

Model Comp Card

My last comp card

Uh oh, time to read that “Dear Jill: Should I date a male model?” again…

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