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Grandpa Models Yuekou Clothing Line!

Talk about breaking down modeling barriers—and gender barriers. Seventy-two-year-old Liu Xianpang is helping out his granddaughter with her fledgling women’s fashion line, Yuekou, by offering up his lithe legs and uninhibited flair for vogueing. White tights, hip handbags, funky leggings, lace skirts, frilly socks, brunette-bombshell wigs—Liu works ‘em like he’s been strutting catwalks for a living. He’s got this Holly Golightly meets Karl Lagerfeld thing going on that seems to captivate customers. Sales are up five-fold since Liu became the face of the brand.

Liu Xianping for Yuekou

72-year-old Liu Xianping models for his granddaughter’s line, Yuekou


So, grandparents, don’t hesitate to submit your photos to the Modeling Mentor Model Search!