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Do Models Eat? My Friends Chime in on Diets, Drinking, and the Best Model Life…

Models Eat!

This is a follow-up to my previous Slim vs. Sick post, so read that first!

That article sparked a lively Facebook conversation with my model friends from back in the day and from today. I’m sharing their comments here so you can take more than my word for it: Models eat!

model comp card

Lovely Leslie! My close friend’s comp card from the 90s.

90s Models on What Living Large and Staying Trim Meant Then

RICKY: I loved my food and wine/beer. Maybe my downfall at times was that I never really cared about weight. I didn’t care. I lived a life full of friends, culture, travel, adventures, smokes, booze (but not too extreme), and never let the business get the best of me. I didn’t do the job for the financial aspect but for the opportunity to travel and see the world, and that I did. I saw so many incredible countries, so many adventures—enough to last a lifetime! I’m sorry for those girls who struggled with eating disorders; the business never meant that much to me to sacrifice food and fun!

Pics from a model's life in Europe

A page from my model scrapbooks, with Sophie Patitz and Ricky Haas. I met them in Munich in the 90s and we are still close friends.

LESLIE: I’ve always loved food and never personally understand eating issues. I never had that issue but I completely enjoyed cigs—every single one of them. That habit was acceptable in the 90s in Europe, but unfortunately it’s very addicting. It took years to quit and I finally did it. I was always healthy other than that and never had to diet.

We had no idea how fortunate we were and no touching up anything—just Polaroids to check lighting. We truly were the last generation before full-on technology. We were lucky, saw the world, had a blast, and made lots of memories together ❤️

JILL: And no cell phones. We actually had to read maps! And I’m sure we learned the cities much more thoroughly that way ;) GPS – nah, too easy!

BTS show pic, Salamanca, male models and house mother

Shows in Dusseldorf, road trip to Salamanca, model pension in Madrid (I was the only girl among all these male models!)

RICKY: My geography is so fine tuned due to the good ol’ days. The way I entered the modeling days in 1988 would be shocking to current models…”Here is a map of our city and here is a list of 10 clients you must see in a 9-hour period. Good luck! And P.S. sorry you don’t speak the language!”

The Model Diet in 2020

ALEXA: I’ve definitely had trouble with the measurements and how to enjoy healthy eating, until you took me in and taught me the heathy food ways I wasn’t introduced to before(: I was very naturally skinny no matter what I ate, until I hit the time where my metabolism slowed down. There was a time where I was desperate and too focused on the weight, and how to lose it and tried to do special “diets” that weren’t necessarily healthy but that never helped. Eating healthy and working out is definitely what is needed—good for you and your body. I am super thankful for you and taking me in and teaching me ❤ I’ve definitely heard a lot about models only drinking coffee and smoking.

Model digital photo

Gorgeous Alexa Kissling, summer 2020

JILL: Awww, it’s a true honor to steer the next generation down a healthy path—mind and body—so you too can have the time of your life in the modeling world. When you look back years later, you’ll remember the friends you made, the places you went, the adventures you had. The tear sheets won’t matter as much—they’re the bonus. I saved all my portfolios. Half contain my modeling tear sheets and photos. The other half I made into scrapbooks of photos, notes, and keepsakes from my decade in the biz—those are the ones I look at all the time.