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Model of the Month: Jamie Mann

Featured Male Model: Jamie Mann

I noticed a HUGE jump in my site traffic yesterday, so I decided to give you all something new to look at. Introducing Model of the Month, Jamie Mann (aka my oldest child and not really a model, so let’s see how long it takes him to notice this is here and yell at me to take it down).

Name: Jamie Mann

Height: 6’1″
Suit: 38L (I’m making this up. I really have no idea. Guys out there, does this sound about right?)
Shoe: 11 1/2
Base: New York

Male model with dark blond hair and blue eyes

Jamie Mann, by Curtis & Cort

Male model in teal shirt

Jamie Mann, by Curtis & Cort

Blond model in cream shirt

I call this Jamie Mann, surfer boy. By Curtis & Cort.

blond male model in cream shirt

I call this Jamie Mann, surfer boy tough guy. By Curtis & Cort. (He is going to tell my how cringe-y this is.)

Blond male model with bouffant hairdo

Obviously this is Jamie Mann, pretty boy. By Curtis & Cort.

Male model in sexy pose

This is one Mom doesn’t really want to label. We will call it: Where did my little boy go?

Jamie is an actor/singer/dancer. If you want to learn more, check out Jamiemartinmann.com
Jamie is repped by Edge Entertainment Management and Innovative Artists. 

Or just stay here and browse around my site and keep my traffic on the uptick!

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