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Top Kid Model Agencies in NYC

The Best Child Modeling Agencies in New York City

If you are looking for representation for your cutie patootie in the Big Apple, here are a few questions to ask yourself first:

1. Do you live near New York City? If you are in Iowa, it’s going to be a long trip to get to castings! Most child models repped in the city live in the tristate area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut). NY Models, for example, takes submissions from kids who live within 2 hours of the Big Apple.

2. Do you know what is involved with child modeling? Get educated by reading these posts (scroll back for more): Child Models.

3. Are you realistic? Manage your expectations before you even start your agency search. Modeling is super competitive. Success requires a combination of luck, good genes, the right personality, tenacity, and geographic compatibility (the closer you are to NYC or another large market, like L.A., the better your odds. BUT don’t relocate just to up your kid’s odds. Chances are their income won’t pay the cable bill, let alone rent).

So with those minor considerations behind us, here’s a list of the creme de la creme of kids’ modeling agencies (click on the links to their sites for submission details):

New York Model Management’s Kids Division

My allegiance to NY Models dates back two decades to my own career, so I have to list them first! Actually, that history aside, the fantastic experience I’ve had with the kids bookers there would nudge NY Models into #1. They are professional, organized, and understanding (this last trait is a wee bit rare in bookers, by the way).

child model

James Miller, NY Models (trivia: my son did a movie and music video with James. He is an awesome kid and had a great kid modeling career. He’s now a budding teen actor.)


I have some history here as well. Generation was a loyal advertiser when I ran Tear Sheet magazine. They are still a top agency for young faces. They also have a TV division. (Most modeling agencies have a relationship with talent agencies, and actor-model crossover is common.)

Wilhelmina Kids & Teens

A division of Wilhelmina, Wilhelmina Kids & Teens reps models and actors, from babies to older teens. Wilhelmina is one of the original “Big 4″ modeling agencies in NYC, alongside Ford, Elite, and Zoli.

Wilhelmina Kids

Funny Face

Funny Face has been in the biz for 40 years, so they know their stuff. They rep babies, kids, teens, and adults for modeling and commercial print work.

Funny Faces baby

Super happy (or unhappy) with your child’s agency? Comment and give us the scoop! Don’t forget to enter the Modeling Mentor Model Search to gain exposure to agents! Winners of my model search are now represented by top agencies in NYC, LA, Atlanta, Paris, London, and in all major markets in Asia!